Greg Goss (gossg) wrote,
Greg Goss

Writer's Block: The name game

What's the origin of your username? If you could change it to anything else, would you, and what would it be?

Livejournal user name?  In 1992, my part-time employer (full-time from 1995 to 2003) assigned me a userid of last name, first initial.  I was lucky.  The guy I took over several systems from was Tom Kinoshita.  If your last name is more than 7 letters, you get the choice of either eight letters from last name, or seven letters plus first initial -- either way he got a lousy userid.

Anyhow, when the Web started rising two years later, I chose to use last name first initial pretty much everywhere.  I treat the web as a "real name" environment.  Previously, I'd used "Purple Magician" (satire book reference) for BBSs in the eighties, and Oreo Pasquale (complex story ending with a claim that my body weight was 48% DQ blizzard) from about 92 to 95.  When I rejoined the dating world from 2006 thru 2008, I used "Taurid", a pun combining my stubborn sun-sign with the sound of "torrid".  Taurid has been pretty much idled since the end of 2008.
Tags: writer's block
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