Greg Goss (gossg) wrote,
Greg Goss

Dum & Dee status 1

I was going to post a status update to the Tweedle twins, but realized that I never put up the first post here.  For someone who claims journals make more sense than facebook, I should pummel myself.  Anyhow, here is the first post again.

Tweedle Dum - 9 month maleTweedle Dee - 9 month female

I don't know how long they keep this page up.
21 years ago, after we broke up, Moria (then named Patricia) gave me a
cat for my birthday so I wouldn't be lonely.  That cat made it until
late in 2010.
So this year, she has given me two cats for my birthday.  Is this a
hint that we're about to break up?
Is it abuse to call the boycat "Dum"?  That's the name that the rescue
foster gave him.  Well, sort'a.
In the pictures, the pink nose is on the boy, and the black nose is on
the girl.  
The boy hasn't left the carry box yet.  The girl is off exploring
somewhere -- I didn't see her leave, and don't know where she is.  I'm
going to let them find me on their own time.
I used to own a mind like a steel trap.
Perhaps if I'd specified a brass one, it
wouldn't have rusted like this.
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