Greg Goss (gossg) wrote,
Greg Goss

Dum & Dee status 2

OK, the Tweedle twins arrived on Tuesday evening.  I left them in the cat carrier in the bathroom, with food, running water (filtered cat "fountain), and a litter box with them.  At some point, Dee (the girlcat) moved to behind the toilet, and Dum scrunched under the blanket in the carrier.  About four hours later, I pulled Dum from the carrier, attempted to cuddle him a bit, then let him loose again. He ended up behind the bathroom door, squeezed in with Dee behind the toilet, and behind the shower curtain in the tub.

On Wednesday, I tried pulling each of them out, showed them the sunny place in "their" bedroom, and tried to cuddle them again.  Dee ended up behind the desk, and Dum behind the closet door.

On Wednesday about noon, I attempted a bit of cuddle time with Dum, and he was clearly reluctant.  I put him into the hallway to see whether he would choose the bathroom or the cat-room.  Neither -- he headed downstairs.  I don't know if he ended up under something in the living room, or in the basement.  Probably the basement.  Moria says that her cat is very twitchy near the TV area in the basement.

No sign of Dum since Wednesday.

Late Thursday evening, I could hear Dee meowing quietly.  I pulled her from behind the toilet and attempted some cuddle time.  On the way to my bedroom, I tripped.  She ended up landing cleanly on the bed, though I got a nice scratch through one nipple.  After that, she headed downstairs.  I backed off so she could have room to return to the cat room or the bathroom, but she didn't.  

So, it's now approaching three days.  Neither of them has eaten anything or used the cat box (though if Dum used the basement cat's box, we wouldn't know).  I can't tell if they drank anything.  They have now found less obvious hiding places so I can't disturb them further.  From here, I guess it's a waiting game.

The "pound rescue" operation ends up with a rather large collection of cats and dogs.  The person who handed these two off to us fosters about fifteen as well as works for a living.  So they don't get much human interaction.  Sigh.
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